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Luna Genetics

The Next Generation in Prenatal Genetic Testing

Our new highly accurate test is a long-awaited breakthrough in prenatal genetic testing. It is a single-cell test that can replace current cell-free noninvasive prenatal testing (cfNIPT) early in a pregnancy and in most cases eliminate the need for invasive chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis procedures that carry inherent risk to the fetus.

Luna Genetics

Our Commitment

Our highly accurate test creates a new standard of care in prenatal genetic testing. Our commitment to providers and their patients extends to our Customer Care Team that is standing by to answer questions that may arise throughout the testing process.

Our Commitment

If you are interested in ordering the Luna Prenatal Test for your patient and would like more information, our Genetic Counselors are available to discuss the test with you. Luna Genetics can also assist you in finding a Genetic Counselor in your area, or find a Genetic Counselor here:

Luna Genetics


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~Mark Zylka

Ph.D. researcher at UNC working on prenatal CRISPR treatment for Angelman syndrome

"This test is incredible and will supplant cell-free NIPTs in short order.

Hope the company has the bandwidth to test what is likely to become a flood of samples. The fact that it’s a diagnostic and can take the place of amnio/CVS is a really big deal. Even couples who are enthusiastic about genetic testing have some reservations about these tests due to their invasive nature. The Luna Test changes this."

~Kim S.

mother who experienced amniocentesis following an abnormal NIPT result.

"If I’d had the option to take the Luna Prenatal Test to avoid the wait, I would not have hesitated.

After receiving an abnormal screening result from my noninvasive prenatal test (NIPT), I had to wait two months until I could undergo amniocentesis. It turned out the NIPT result was a false positive, but the months of waiting to get a normal diagnostic result on the health of my growing fetus were the two most difficult months of my life."