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ANswers to common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do the Luna Prenatal Test instead of CVS or amnio?

Yes, the Luna Prenatal Test is a highly accurate alternative to CVS or amniocentesis and provides similar information. The test can also be done much earlier than amniocentesis in your pregnancy, as early as eight weeks.

Are there risks involved with prenatal genetic tests?

The Luna Prenatal Test is based on a standard blood draw and is therefore noninvasive and considered to be without risk. CVS and amniocentesis are invasive procedures that are not without risks. Pregnancy loss attributed to CVS is approximately 1 in 455 on the most recent estimates. Pregnancy loss attributed to amniocentesis is approximately 1 in 900. (Source: 2. Akolekar R, Beta J, Picciarelli G, et al. Procedure-related risk of miscarriage following amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol. 2015;45(1):16–26).

If I have a positive or abnormal result from cell-free NIPT, can the Luna Prenatal Test be used to confirm my screening result?

For an abnormal result from NIPT involving aneuploidy, diagnostic ultrasound, CVS with mesenchymal core, or amniocentesis are likely better choices. If you have received an abnormal NIPT result for a deletion or an atypical result, the Luna Prenatal Test may be as good a choice as CVS or amniocentesis with genetic counseling.

Can I do this test if my pregnancy isn’t considered high risk?

Yes, you can choose the Luna Prenatal Test whether your pregnancy is considered high risk or simply because you would like more information. The choice is yours.

Where can I get a copy of the consent form?

A copy of the consent form can be found under the "Providers" tab. Additionally, consent forms are provided in every test kit that is ordered.

Will my insurer cover this test?

For now, the Luna Prenatal Test is a self-pay test. Luna Genetics is working to secure insurance coverage. You can submit the test charge to your insurer, and it’s possible they will consent to cover all or a portion of the cost. If you would like to pursue this, Luna Genetics will provide a letter of support, just contact our genetic counselors.

What does the Luna Prenatal Test detect?

The Luna Prenatal Test detects gene deletions as small as 1.5 million base pairs of DNA and gene duplications as small as 2 million base pairs, enabling identification of extra or missing copies of entire or partial chromosomes. It also detects all aneuploidy and most deletions/duplications commonly linked to disease. The Luna Prenatal Test does not detect single gene disorders, e.g., cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, Rett syndrome, and fragile-X syndrome (other testing methodologies should be used for single gene disorders).

What are the main advantages of the Luna Prenatal Test?

The Luna Prenatal Test is more informative than NIPT, providing better deletion detection and fewer false positives. Additionally, the Luna Prenatal Test can be performed much earlier than amniocentesis, and in most cases the cost is slightly less than the total for CVS and amniocentesis when an array is performed and when procedure costs are factored in.

If I have the Luna Prenatal Test and the result is not diagnostic, would I still have time for CVS or amniocentesis?

There should be sufficient time to perform an amnio, depending on gestation. In general, the earlier the Luna Prenatal Test is performed the better. If the test is done early enough, CVS will still be an option.

What happens if I have the Luna Prenatal Test and no cells are found?

A blood sample redraw is offered at no extra cost and any charge is cancelled if no reportable cells are found.

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~Mark Zylka

Ph.D. researcher at UNC working on prenatal CRISPR treatment for Angelman syndrome

"This test is incredible and will supplant cell-free NIPTs in short order.

Hope the company has the bandwidth to test what is likely to become a flood of samples. The fact that it’s a diagnostic and can take the place of amnio/CVS is a really big deal. Even couples who are enthusiastic about genetic testing have some reservations about these tests due to their invasive nature. The Luna Test changes this."

~Kim S.

mother who experienced amniocentesis following an abnormal NIPT result.

"If I’d had the option to take the Luna Prenatal Test to avoid the wait, I would not have hesitated.

After receiving an abnormal screening result from my noninvasive prenatal test (NIPT), I had to wait two months until I could undergo amniocentesis. It turned out the NIPT result was a false positive, but the months of waiting to get a normal diagnostic result on the health of my growing fetus were the two most difficult months of my life."

See What Makes Our Test Better