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The new Luna Prenatal Diagnostic (PD) test is the only noninvasive prenatal genetic test that offers diagnostic accuracy.

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Is the Luna PD Test Right For You?



Luna provides a safer alternative to more invasive genetic tests like amniocentesis and CVS and offers no risk to the fetus. If you have obtained an abnormal genetic screening test or ultrasound, ask your doctor about Luna.




One of the most important feelings you can have is certainty. If you are 35 or older, have been labeled as having a high risk pregnancy, or simply want to obtain the most comprehensive and accurate genetic information on your child, then ask your doctor about Luna.




Luna's proprietary process allows detection of genetic abnormalities earlier than any other procedure available. If you are between 8-16 weeks of pregnancy and would like to know the genetic health of your child, then ask your doctor about Luna.


How the Luna PD Test Works

Your reliable diagnostic test results are four easy steps away.

Step 1

Draw blood

Blood is drawn and shipped overnight to Luna’s CLIA and CAP certified laboratory.

Step 2

Isolate cells

Luna’s lab isolates fetal cells from the mother’s blood. Luna’s unique approach provides high-quality diagnostic results comparable to amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS).

Step 3

Analyze Cell Genetics

Luna’s lab directors analyze individual cells for Down syndrome as well as other chromosomal abnormalities, even small ones, that NIPT does not detect reliably.

Step 4

Report to Provider

A diagnostic report is then sent to the provider who ordered the test. Once results are ready, typically in 10-14 days, our genetic counselors and lab directors are available to discuss results with your physician and/or genetic counselor.

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"This test is incredible and will supplant cell-free NIPTs in short order.

Hope the company has the bandwidth to test what is likely to become a flood of samples. The fact that it’s a diagnostic and can take the place of amnio/CVS is a really big deal. Even couples who are enthusiastic about genetic testing have some reservations about these tests due to their invasive nature. The Luna PD test changes this."

~Mark Zylka, Ph.D. researcher at UNC working on prenatal CRISPR treatment for Angelman syndrome
"If I’d had the option to take the Luna Prenatal Diagnostic Test to avoid the wait, I would not have hesitated.

After receiving an abnormal screening result from my noninvasive prenatal test (NIPT), I had to wait two months until I could undergo amniocentesis. It turned out the NIPT result was a false positive, but the months of waiting to get a normal diagnostic result on the health of my growing fetus were the two most difficult months of my life."

~Kim S., mother who experienced amniocentesis following an abnormal NIPT result.

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